Portraits • Headshots • Plymouth, New Hampshire

The Art of Imperfection

Last summer, I began learning wet plate collodion (tintype) photography.  These kinds of portraits are handmade, using a process that was invented in 1851.  It’s very different from my other work. I’m sort of a perfectionist, so it’s the flaws I’m learning to embrace.  The chemicals can do wonky things sometimes.  There is no Photoshop.  There’s a bit of guesswork.

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Protest Portraits – Final Installation

On April 24, my team and I installed the traveling, life-size Protest Portraits exhibit for the last time, at Lawrence Academy, near Boston, MA. There, they have been intentional about equipping their community with the skill of listening, and guiding them toward courageous conversations and strategies toward antiracism. Faculty incorporated the exhibit into their curriculum. Though

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