Portrait & Headshot Photographer • Plymouth, New Hampshire

“Swift Fly the Years”

It’s been five years since I first photographed Cindy, Dave, and their children. I love seeing them. I know kids grow, but I don’t see them everyday, so the changes in the kids were surprising to me! In the words of English poet Alexander Pope, “swift fly the years.” For Cindy and Dave, it was a perfect reason to update their family portraits.

A mother and daughter enjoy professional hair and makeup styling as part of the Portrait Experience at Maundy Mitchell Photography

Hair & makeup by Dianne Sitar

At the start of their special day, Cindy and her daughter enjoyed professional hair and makeup styling. It was such a nice way for them to relax and be pampered.

Here are some of the family’s favorite portraits from this year’s session.

NH family photo
Cindy, wearing a green dress for her family portrait session
A photographic portrait in a painterly style, of a young girl wearing a gold and pink brocade dress
A portrait of a young boy wearing glasses and a Pac Man shirt
A headshot and a profile portrait of Dave, wearing a sport coat in front of a dark background
Photo of a couple in front of a hand-painted gray backdrop
Photo of a young boy sitting at a table, wearing glasses and a green vest, smiling and drumming with his hands
Portrait of a young girl seated, leaning towards the camera, wearing a gold and pink brocade dress.
Portrait of a woman with dark hair, leaning and wearing a pink leather jacket and jeans, with a black background
framed canvas family portrait

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