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Introducing The Over 50 Revolution 2024

For the past two years, I’ve been working on a campaign for women over 50.  Now, I’m introducing The Over 50 Revolution 2024. It’s a portrait experience celebrating the strength, wisdom, and beauty of women aged 50 and up.

Introducing The Over 50 Revolution 2024. A portrait experience celebrating the strength, wisdom, and beauty of women over 50.

I started this work to help change the way the media and society define aging, and to cultivate the freedom and confidence that result from appreciating—and loving–our own maturity.  

Women have come from all over the country to participate. They did it not only for themselves, but for other women over 50, and for their children and grandchildren. They wanted to lead by example to help to change views about how older women should be portrayed. The bonus was a collection of beautiful images of themselves, a collection to be cherished now and in the future by them and everyone who loves them. 

My work is most rewarding when it serves my clients in multiple ways. My priority is to provide a luxurious experience and create beautiful portraits for them to cherish.  With The Over 50 Revolution, I also strive to inspire, to encourage empathy, connection, and spark social change. 

Photographers around the world have also been doing campaigns to celebrate the beauty and lives of women over 50. I am so happy to be a part of this revolution, to help shift the perception, and to show women how truly valuable, beautiful, and extraordinary they are. I am photographing fabulous women in their 50s, 60s, 70s and up, for a unique, empowering portrait experience, celebrating their lives and stories. 

Let’s help change the way the media and society define aging.  Let’s exist in beautiful photos and share them. Join me on this adventure of being 50 and over, and unforgettable. Do this for yourself, for everyone who loves you, and for the world. 

This experience includes a consultation and a photo session designed just for you, with wardrobe styling, professional hair and makeup, and more. It also includes a same-day image reveal session, where you may choose to purchase portrait collections. The special session fee is $590 (normally $690).

This year’s project will culminate with a celebration and exhibit.

You can see more portraits and read interviews and testimonials from other participants on the blog, HERE.

Take the first step to existing in beautiful photographs, and to loving your age, by filling out the form below. I look forward to SEEING you!