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The Unseen – County Home Portraits, Part XII

Last month, I spent another afternoon at the Belknap County Nursing home. I was there to continue work on this year-long personal project, which I began last November. (See bottom of page for links to Parts I-XI).

“I like it here.”
Happy Elderly Man in Red Sox Shirt (C) Maundy Mitchell
“But I haven’t seen my wife in a year. She lives in Concord. We have no way to see each other.” [Concord is about a 40-minute drive]
Portrait of Man Wearing Red Sox Shirt (C) Maundy Mitchell
Elderly Man in Chair (C) Maundy Mitchell
Elderly Woman in Blue (C) Maundy Mitchell
“Are you able to straighten your head for a second?”
Black and White Portrait of Elderly Woman (C) Maundy Mitchell
Lorraine & Phil
“How long have you been married?”
Lorraine: “We’re not married.”
Phil: “Fifty-five years.”
Elderly Couple Lying on Bed (C) Maundy Mitchell
Elderly Couple Kissing (C) Maundy Mitchell
“I like to be outside. I’m 85. I don’t worry about skin cancer.”
Tan Elderly Woman in Hat (C) Maundy Mitchell
“I look good in hats.”
Tan Elderly Woman in Hat 2 (C) Maundy Mitchell
Jane and Nat
Nat: “We’ve been married 65 years.”
Jane: “He’s my love!”
Elderly Couple Laughing (C) Maundy Mitchell
Nat: “Every year I went to Saudi Arabia to hunt with the King.”
Elderly Man in Chair (C) Maundy Mitchell
“Are you done taking pictures yet?”
“Do you want me to be?”
“No, that’s okay.”
Elderly Man Making Face (C) Maundy Mitchell
Jane: “I love him so much.”
(I also photographed Jane for Part I. Link below.)
Elderly Couple on Bed (C) Maundy Mitchell
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