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The Unseen – County Home Portraits, Part VIII

Robert and Justine.
NH Lifestyle & Family Photographer
Below is Millie. You might have seen another photo of her last month (https://maundymitchell.com/the-unseen-county-home-portraits-part-v/). I photographed her in mid-February as she was preparing for a date with her new boyfriend. During this visit, I got to learn more about her as we sat by the window in her room.
NH Portrait Photographer

“One time I went through the car wash and forgot to put my windows up. Once I realized it, they wouldn’t go up. All I could do was laugh!”

Millie and her new boyfriend? They’re doing well.
NH Portrait Photographer - Millie
Before becoming a resident of the Belknap County Nursing Home, Millie worked here for many years, caring for the residents as she herself is now cared for.
NH Portrait Photographer - Millie 3
Portrait of Lydia
Portrait of Lydia 2
Remo was a very avid hiker.
NH Portrait Photography (C) Maundy Mitchell

“Have you ever climbed Mount Washington?”

Mt. Washington Hiker (C) Maundy Mitchell

“Many times. Many times, even in the winter.”

Retired Hiker (C) Maundy Mitchell

“Okay! I’m ready for my picture! Ha!”

Outtake - Lorraine (C) Maundy Mitchell
Lorraine (C) Maundy Mitchell
NH Portrait Photography - Lorraine (C) Maundy Mitchell
During this visit, I also met the family of Joe, who had passed away that morning. While I hadn’t gotten a chance to make a true portrait of Joe, I did remember talking with him in the hallway just before Christmas and taking this quick photo. Rest in Peace, Joe.
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