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The Unseen – County Home Portraits, Part IX

Emile:  “I met Irene at a dance.  I saw her across the room.  We married six months later.”

Black & White Portrait of Elderly Man Holding Wedding Photo

“Dancing was our life. We used to go to Canada, to the Frontenac, where Guy Lombardo would be playing.”

Portrait of Emile Smiling

“Irene was in the nursing home before me. I visited her from 11:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. every day. I didn’t want her to be alone. One morning seven years ago, I asked the staff how her night was. They said she had a nice, peaceful night. I found her dead in her room.”

Portrait of Emile, sad

“I’m almost 95. I’ve had a good life. We had 66 years together. I loved her. I’ve had a good life.”

"I Loved Her"

Ethel seemed to be watching the birds outside her window.
Black & White Portrait of Elderly Woman Watching Birds
Seeing Annette, the social worker here, made her happy.
Portrait of Happy Elderly Woman
Portrait of Happy Elderly Woman II

Clyde is a resident cat here at the Belknap County Nursing Home. Residents are comforted by him and his sister, Bonnie.
Cat on Sleeping Woman's Bed
Clyde, Nursing Home Cat

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