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The Unseen – County Home Portraits, Part VI

First, ongoing thanks:

When you see a portrait, you might never know what is involved in the making of it.  I’m not talking about the technical details.  Rather,  I want to point out that it isn’t only me making these portraits. There is a whole team of people helping me.

Thank you to Kree Woolley and Mandy Gennaro, who volunteer to assist me. They haul and set up equipment, hold reflectors, change lighting, interact with residents and help anyone nearby to understand what is happening.

Thank you to Annette Griffis, social worker at Belknap County Nursing Home, who coordinates release forms, helps us with a plan, and takes hours out of her day to help each time we visit.

Thank you to the caregivers and staff at Belknap County Nursing Home. Their kindness is evident. They help to communicate with and move residents. They stand by in case the person being photographed needs anything, and go out of their way to help.

Thank you to the guardians of many of the residents, for trusting me to make these portraits.

Thank you to everyone who is following this project. I appreciate your interest.

Pat (former fashion designer)
Elderly woman with stuffed animal (C) Maundy Mitchell
Elderly woman in stylish glasses with stuffed animal (C) Maundy Mitchell
Elderly man in plaid shirt (C) Maundy Mitchell
Elderly woman (C) Maundy Mitchell
Elderly Woman Wearing Red (C) Maundy Mitchell
Portrait of Rosemary (C) Maundy Mitchell
This is Virginia, “Ginny,” who I photographed two weeks ago, playing the piano. This time, I was able to work with her a little more privately. Ginny wanted to sing. Her singing turned to praying and back to singing.
She is now limited in conversation. But she can sing, and she can play the piano. As she sang here, her hands kept returning to form the sign language word for “love.”
Elderly woman singing and praying (C) Maundy Mitchell
Elderly woman praying (C) Maundy Mitchell

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