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My “Top Nine” for 2022

Nine Highlights and Nine Best-Loved Instagram Images of the Year

As the year comes to an end, I want to thank all of you for being here. This has been a year of growth and creativity.  I have reached several milestones and am looking forward to starting new projects and working toward new goals. My “Top Nine” highlights of 2022:

A collage of portrait photographer Maundy Mitchell's Top Nine images for 2022

I’m ever grateful for all my followers, clients, friends and family.  Here are my most popular Instagram images of the 2022.  

  1. “Phoenix,” a black-and-white portrait of Melinda, in a cell phone pic to announce that this portrait was selected for an exhibit in Chicago
  2. Portrait of Zi as part of a 3D piece called “Past, Present, Future”
  3. “Winter’s Mistress,” a portrait of Rebecca for the Over 50 Revolution
  4. Self-portrait with “Pickles,” my bird, for the Over 50 Revolution
  5. Portrait of Laurel, which won an international award, Bronze with Distinction
  6. Portrait of Zi
  7. Tintype portrait of Hwakyung, to announce that this portrait was selected for an exhibit in Manhattan
  8. Three-generation portrait for Kathy & family
  9. Tintype engagement portrait for Kaitlyn & Yonny

Wishing you all happy holidays and a happy and healthy New Year!