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Then & Now, Part I

A New Portrait Project

Every time I open an art book, I learn something new and am inspired to create something new. I return to my collection of art books again and again for inspiration. Recently, I taught a workshop at my studio on Rembrandt and the kind of light he used in his paintings as it translates to photography. I surrounded myself with art books in order to prepare for the workshop. Inspiration comes from other places, too. I recently watched the PBS series “Secrets of Six Wives,” about King Henry VIII’s wives. I was enamored with the costumes! And inspired…

This is the start of a new portrait project where I’ll choose works of art from various historical periods as inspiration. In each portrait, I’ll add a twist–one modern element.

For this part, I looked at Renaissance paintings:

“Portrait of a Lady” by Bernardino Licinio; “Mary Magdalene Holding the Unguent Jar,” by an artist or group of artists known as “The Master of the Female Half Length,” and “Catherine Howard,” by Hans Holbein the Younger.

Behind the scenes with a stylist & Maundy Mitchell setting up studio lights

Special thanks to hair & makeup artist Melissa Hanson, assistant Audrey Drake, and muse Katie Gaynor.

Portrait with Car Keys
Portrait with a Travel Mug
Portrait with a Red Purse