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Social Distancing: Images of a Small Town, Part IV

As we continue to deal with the coronavirus pandemic. I continue to stay close to home, walking in my rural neighborhood with my dogs or my camera, and going out less than once a week for essential items.  On this week’s drive, I reflected on how most people in our community seem to be helping, even if it’s just by staying home.  Around town, there are signs of hope, strength, and humor.  

Hand-painted signs of hope by Cynthia Cutting, created to cheer her neighbors
Hand-painted signs of hope by Cynthia Cutting, created to cheer her neighbors
Hand painted sign "be strong"
Hand-painted sign "We can do this"
Humorous sign during coronavirus pandemic

Through social media, I learned of two women who have been helping the community non-stop. I arranged to photograph them on my drive out for essential items.

Estee sews masks on her porch
Estee sews masks on her porch (photographed with a long lens from across the street)

I photographed Estee from the opposite side of the road, using a long lens. She is the owner of Stitch Witch Tailoring & Alterations.  She had to close her business due to the coronavirus.  With hospitals and individuals lacking standard/disposable masks, Estee wanted to help. She started a group called Pemi Valley Sew the Curve Flat. It’s a network of 175 volunteers who sew masks at home and donate them to hospitals, organizations and at-risk communities in their area. They follow CDC guidelines for the most current best practices, and share effective patterns materials list.  Estee alone has made more than 600 masks.

Sarah sews masks at home
Sarah sews masks at home (photographed from outside, through her window)

I photographed Sarah from outside, through the window of her sewing room.  She has been sewing masks for twelve hours a day, for weeks. Her masks are also donated to hospitals and other organizations.

David focuses on school work at home
David focuses on school work at home

At home, my son, David, is in week five of remote learning. He has been focused on his work and music, and also playing games online with his friends.  Also, may I have a proud-mom moment? He just earned high honors on his most recent report card.