Portrait & Headshot Photographer • Plymouth, New Hampshire

Portraits of Oli

This is Oli, a portrait photographer and stylist from Germany. I photographed her in London last month. I loved working with her to create these portraits. She chose a 1920s-inspired outfit that suits her perfectly, especially in this gorgeous wood-paneled room of the 300-year-old Battersea House.

Behind the Scenes - Hair and Makeup - Oli_0001.jpg
Portrait of Oli in 1920s-Inspired Outfit_0004.jpg
Portrait of Oli in 1920s-Inspired Outfit_0005.jpg
Portrait of Oli in 1920s-Inspired Outfit_0006.jpg
Behind the Scenes - Destination London - Maundy Mitchell Photography_0002.jpg
Portrait of Oli in 1920s-Inspired Outfit_0003.jpg
Portrait of Oli, Laughing, Wearing 1920s-Inspired Outfit_0007.jpg
Black & White Portrait of Oli in 1920s-Style Turban_0009.jpg
Hair & makeup: Anja Regoord
Behind the scenes shot: Ben Gregory
Assistant: Christina Baldwin
Photography: Maundy Mitchell

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