Portraits • Headshots • Plymouth, New Hampshire

Portraits of Erin

It’s mid-winter in New Hampshire, but you can wear anything you want in the studio! Erin and I planned her session to incorporate her favorite summer dresses, as well as selections from the studio wardrobe. We had so much fun creating a range of portraits from modern headshots to classic portraits, to Vanity-Fair-style.

She started her day with hair and makeup.
Erin - Hair & Makeup Before Photo Shoot_0012.jpg
Portraits of Erin in Light Green Dress © Maundy Mitchell 2017
Portrait of Erin in Black Lace Dress_0005.jpg

Erin in Green and Erin in Black © Maundy Mitchell 2017Portrait of Erin with Wind-Blown Hair_0004.jpg

Behind the Scenes and Portrait of Erin_0011.jpg

Portrait of Erin in Navy Blue Silk Dress_0003.jpg
Erin is a nature lover, so later, she came to my home for photos with the chickadees!
Hand-Feeding Chickadees_0002.jpg
Portrait Prints and Folio Collection_0001.jpg

Hair: Shannon Sullivan
Makeup: Stefanie DeSimone
Photography: Maundy Mitchell