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Wendy – Portraits in London

Meet Wendy, talented portrait photographer and owner of Zoom Foto-Atelier, in Belgium. I was honored to photograph her in London earlier this month as part of a collaboration with my best photographer friends. We all met in Paris last year for a portrait photography workshop and have stayed connected ever since. We recently rented a 300-year-old mansion called Old Battersea House in London. (To see more of this photoshoot, click on link at the bottom of this post.) We took turns modeling, assisting and photographing. We drew names to see which model would be stationed in which room. This light, bright, beautiful room suited Wendy and her dress!
Portrait of Wendy in a London Mansion_0001.jpg
Directly behind Wendy was some of our wardrobe.
Behind the Scenes at Old Battersea House Photoshoot_0002.jpg
Portrait of Wendy in Window Seat_0003.jpg
London Destination Portraits of Wendy_0005.jpg
Portrait of Wendy in Window Seat_0004.jpg
London Destination Portraits of Wendy_0006.jpg
Hair & makeup and behind-the-scenes photos by Tiny De Craemer
To see more of this photoshoot, click here: https://maundymitchell.com/rogan-portraits-in-london/