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The Over 50 Revolution: Mother & Daughter

This photo session for The Over 50 Revolution celebrated a family, with extra attention for a mother & daughter. It was such a joy to spend time with Terri, Ginny, & Walter. They prioritize family and make time for special experiences together.

I first spoke with Terri about The Over 50 Revolution 2024 several months ago. She said she wanted a Portrait Experience to mark her journey since she turned 50. She wanted to celebrate herself and her accomplishments and independence. She talked a lot about her parents, Ginny and Walter, who are also her best friends.

Behind the scenes - Mother & Daughter enjoying professional hair and makeup styling as part of their photo session for The Over 50 Revolution
Ginny & Terri enjoyed hair & makeup styling by Donna Cotnoir
Headshot for Terri as part of her session for The Over 50 Revolution
In addition to portraits, Terri got new headshots

Terri says her main role model has always been her mother. “She taught me to be a strong, confident woman. She leads by example. She took up snowboarding and became a grandparent for the first time the year she turned fifty! I’ve grown up believing that age is just a number and something that can be celebrated, not dreaded.”

Portrait of Ginny & Terri, mother & daughter, for The Over 50 Revolution

I suggested that Terri’s parents join the portrait session. They all thought that was a great idea. The Over 50 Revolution focuses on women because we “disappear” from the media and society as we age in a way that men do not. I photographed Walter as well as Terri and Ginny, but it’s the words of mother and daughter that I want to share.

Two portraits of an elderly man

Terri’s mother, Ginny, feels that women over 50 are in the best part of their life. They have “maturity, life experience, and a sense of who they are and who they want to be.”

Two portraits of mother, Ginny, wearing a black leather jacket during her photo session for The Over 50 Revolution

Ginny is about to turn 80. I asked her how she felt about that. She said, “I don’t often think of my age because it is a surface thing. The real me is in my head.”

A portrait of a 80-year-old woman snowboarder, Ginny, for The Over 50 Revolution photo session

When asked what advice she would give to women who are younger than her, Ginny said, “Know who and what you want to be when you grow up but just don’t grow up!”

Two portraits of Terri wearing a colorful dress in front of a black background
Terri makes her own clothes, and she wore several of her creations on this day.

Terri thinks that women over 50 have a unique opportunity to support each other and mentor young women. “Being an example doesn’t have to be one-on-one with another but can be in those moments where others see that being a woman over 50 doesn’t have limits.”

Terri wearing a gold gown during her session for The Over 50 Revolution

Ginny became aware of the Women’s Movement when she was in her early 40s. She started to pay attention to who she was and what was important to her. “I started college in my 30s and graduated at 40. The kids were on their way to adulthood. I had never thought about who I was before that. As a non-traditional student, I naturally fell into a role of mentor in many ways. I always wanted to be sure that young women heard that they had gifts and did not need to take crap.”

Portrait of Ginny, laughing, wearing a black leather jacket

At a time when many men had issues with their wives becoming more independent, Ginny said, “In my marriage I have always been 100% supported in whatever I wanted to do.”

black and white photo of an elderly couple

Then I asked Terri what advice she would give to women who are younger than her. She said, “It’s okay to get support from those around you, but always make sure you are comfortable on your own and can make your own way. Be there for other women and set an example for young women. Age is just a number. There are no rules that say you can start new things when you’re older.”

The family travels the world to go scuba diving together. On one trip, pink flamingos became their signature fun outfits.

A portrait of daughter, mother & father, wearing their signature pink flamingos
Terri, Ginny, and Walter, wearing the family’s signature pink flamingos

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