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David Lockwood’s New Album

Last winter I was honored to create portraits for David Lockwood’s new album, Across the Evening Sky. This album, his 6th, consists of solo piano renditions of songs he has loved and covered in one way or another.

Mockup of the outside of David Lockwood's new album
Cover photography by Lucas Gallone / Portrait photography by Maundy Mitchell

David Lockwood’s new album was recorded by Ariel Shafir at Dreamland Recording in Hurley, New York. It was mixed and mastered by Gerry Putnam at Cedarhouse Sound & Mastering in North Sutton, New Hampshire.

The cover photograph of a starry sky with a field in the foreground is by Lucas Gallone. The inside right tray artwork (below, right) is by David’s late brother, Steve Lockwood. The album design is by Aaron Belyea, Alphabet Arm Design in Boston.

Mockup of the inside of David Lockwood's new album

David said, “Making an album involves a significant number of decisions, starting with the big one–deciding to do it in the first place. Along the way there are choices of studios, songs, notes, mics, takes, mixes, and so on.

“For this album, there were two finalists for the cover image. One incorporating artwork by my late brother Steve, the other using a photograph by Lucas Gallone that Aaron Belyea, the album’s artwork director, found. I went with the latter, but with a slight pang. Sometime later, Aaron found a way to use Steve’s piece in the CD artwork, one more reason I decided to produce a limited number of CDs despite their waning usage in the streaming era.”

You can follow David Lockwood on Instagram here: https://www.instagram.com/dlockwood/ and on Spotify HERE.

“Maundy prepared my portrait session in a highly thoughtful and perceptive way. In the session itself, she put me at ease and provided direction with both humor and sensitivity; I was very happy with the results. She’s master at her craft and a true artist!”

David Lockwood