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Special Portraits with Their Dog Family

I’ve had the honor of photographing Christine and Mark before, but this time was even more special. After many years together, they got married! They contacted me for special portraits with their dog family. They were not sure it would be possible, but they asked if they could be photographed with their three dogs.

Three portraits of Christine and Mark with one of their dogs

I called on dog trainer Karen from Chasin Piper K9 Fitness. She said, “Of course!”

Christine and Mark arrived at the studio in the morning with their dogs, Marley, Boomer, and Gunner. Then we let the dogs take their time getting used to us and exploring the studio. Christine enjoyed professional hair and makeup styling and Mark enjoyed grooming by Donna of Custom for You NH.

Behind the scenes before Christine and Mark's special portrait session with their dog family

When the dogs felt comfortable, Karen helped get them into places for their own portraits. Later, when they were ready, they joined Christine and Mark for special “dog family” portraits.

Three portraits of Christine and Mark's dogs on a sofa
Maundy photographing dogs

Christine’s bond with dogs runs deep. She has even written a book about the dogs in her life. It’s called Xine’s Pack of Strays & Others: a Memoir. You can find it on Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

Two photos: Christine with Goldendoodle dog and a dog portrait
Four photos of Christine with dogs
Behind the scenes with dogs and a portrait of Mark wearing a vest and steampunk hat
Photo of Mark wearing steampunk hat and vest, with dog Marley
Three black and white closeup portraits of Christine and Mark
Portrait of Christine wearing lace wedding gown and steampunk hat
Casual portrait of Mark with dog Marley on a sofa

Mark and Marley have a very special bond. Christine said, “She goes with him everywhere… She hangs with him in his studio listening to him serenade her with his guitar. Marley is our baby girl but she’s a Daddy’s girl who has him so wrapped around her paw – it’s adorable.”

Portrait of Mark looking through Marley's open mouth

“I never thought that we’d be able to get professional photos together with the dogs, but Maundy Mitchell has started to work with a dog trainer to help families like ours include all the fur babies too.” – Christine

Portrait of Christine and Mark with their dog family

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