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The Over 50 Revolution: Maria

Maria decided to book a portrait session for The Over 50 Revolution because she has friends who have participated. She said, “I saw their beauty and confidence come through in their photographs.” After her own session, she said, “It was everything I hoped it would be!”

Maria, enjoying professional hair and makeup styling as part of her portrait session for The Over 50 Revolution
Hair & makeup styling by Donna Cotnoir

“It is not often that older women are celebrated – our society is extremely youth oriented. Women over 50 become invisible and it is such a shame – we have so much to offer!”

When asked how she has changed since she turned 50, Maria said, “Thankfully, I have stopped obsessing about my looks; I have spent a great deal of time and money always trying to get thinner! What a waste! Now I focus on my health, and I have completely embraced the aging process.

Portrait of Maria with her dog for The Over 50 Revolution

“There is a definite freedom in getting older – I speak my mind much more frequently, but I have also become infinitely more patient. In my youth I was always rushing to the next thing in my career and education and looking for validation and love from a man.

Black and white portrait of Maria wearing a lace dress for her Over 50 Revolution photo session

“What I learned along the way is to slow down. Rushing to meet some ridiculous standards set by society is a tremendous waste of energy, time, and money. I have learned a lot on my journey but since turning 50; I am more circumspect and honor how far I have come and what I have accomplished. I am grateful to have made it this far.”

Portrait of Maria wearing lace dress for her photo session for The Over 50 Revolution

Growing up, Maria’s mother and aunts were her role models. “My mother is the strongest woman I know, and I admire her greatly. She is strong and caring. My mother worked hard all her life and demonstrated an amazing work ethic that I emulate. Over the years she has cared for a lot of people through sickness and has been tremendously supportive. Now it is me who has the great opportunity to support her whenever she needs it.

Portrait of Maria wearing red shawl for The Over 50 Revolution

“My aunts provide me with opportunities to laugh. These women were raised in a time when the only thing that was expected of women was to get married, have and raise children, and keep a good home. They did so but also found ways to express themselves in a variety of interests and fostered a great sense of humor along the way. They were very influential in my upbringing.

Black and white portrait of Maria for The Over 50 Revolution

“Now, my friends are my role models. I see them navigating through their life with grace, care, and a good sense of humor. I am very lucky to have amazing women friends!”

Portrait of Maria seated, wearing sparkly blouse for The Over 50 Revolution

Maria’s advice to younger women: “Do not spend time and money worrying about your weight or looks. You might regret working so hard to meet impossible societal expectations. Instead, focus on improving your mind, your self-assuredness, and your genuine interests. People will judge – ignore them. This is YOUR journey so honor it.”

Maria, dancing and laughing, wearing a red dress during her portrait session for The Over 50 Revolution

She said, “I hope to be example for other women that being a single, childless, and fiercely independent woman is perfectly acceptable. Our society has a ridiculous set of norms about women. I have broken all the rules and am happier for it.”

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