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Scars, Part IV

This is Estee with her sons, Campbell and Indy.

“At first, the stretch marks were hard to look at. I had such an enormous belly, it was an inevitable truth, but becoming okay with that didn’t happen until Indy was born. As a second time mom, I truly felt more confident because I understood the sacrifice I made was amazing!

“I would say to other moms, this is your body now–embrace it! It has changed so much for your baby so when you feel insecure look at that little person. Whether you gained 25 pounds or 60, you are an absolute goddess.”

Portrait of Mother with Two Baby Sons
“I feel like I earned my scars. They symbolize my journey from maiden to mother, and once my children aren’t babies anymore my stretch marks will be here to remind me of that journey. Campbell thinks they are like the stripes on a tiger, which makes me feel literally fierce.”

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