Portrait & Headshot Photographer • Plymouth, New Hampshire

Protest Portraits, Part III

The thing that is most striking to me about this project is how strong and determined people in my community are. I also love seeing our police officers and community members stand together against racism. This movement has not been without adversity, even in our small community. Organizers and participants have received many nasty comments on social media, and have dealt with other signs of disapproval, or even hatred. Thank you to everyone who waited in a long line and trusted me to create your Protest Portrait. I will continue to stand with you.

“I’m protesting for my little sister, for my big sister, for my dead people, for my people, and for myself.” – Nakiya


“I want to see change in the community.” – AJ


“I’m here to advocate for my students of color.” – Will


“I want to use my voice to help the people who can’t use theirs.” – Kaitlyn


“”I wanted to show my support to the BLM movement, and be part of this important community event for change.  I am so proud to have joined my two daughters and their friends in this peaceful protest today.” – Tod


“I was raised by the Hip Hop community. I feel it’s my job, especially as a white person, to speak up for equality for all.” – Marco

Black and white portrait of white man, kneeling in protest and solidarity with the BLM movement.

“I want to help support people of color.” – Samantha


“The country is screwed up. My girlfriend is black. I’ve seen how people can be and it needs to change.” – Brodie


“I’m here for my girlfriend, to support her battle and help people know Black Lives Matter.” – Brendan


“I have to be here.” – Kamilah