Portrait & Headshot Photographer • Plymouth, New Hampshire

Portraits, Projections & Dance

I recently had the pleasure of collaborating with dancer Amanda Whitworth and scenic and lighting designer Matt Kizer to create portraits that combine dance and projections with portraiture. Here is some of what we created.
Dancer with Projected Bat Wings ©2016 Maundy Mitchell
Portrait with Wasp Projection ©2016 Maundy Mitchell
Corner Portrait with Projected Shadows ©2016 Maundy Mitchell
Corner Portrait with Projected Shadows 2 ©2016 Maundy Mitchell

Amanda Whitworth is the Director of Dance at Plymouth State University, and has her own dance company, Tributary Dance.

Matt Kizer is a Professor of Theatre, Theatre Design and Technology (the resident Scenic & Lighting Designer) for Plymouth State University. More about Matt and his work here: http://scenicandlighting.com

NH Photography Studio Behind the Scenes_0006.jpg


Behind the scenes at Maundy Mitchell Photography studio while she experiments with the use of projections and GOBOS.