Portrait & Headshot Photographer • Plymouth, New Hampshire

Maternity Portraits for Sarah

Sarah and her husband, Evan, are expecting a baby girl at the beginning of October.

Sarah is an art historian, and a figure skater. It was no surprise that the board we created together included artistic portraits and movement. Using the mood board, I designed a session with five sets. I used lighting and body language to set the moods, and fabric and a fan to incorporate movement.

Styling / fabric draping by Danee Gosselin

Behind the scenes styling

Black and white maternity portrait of Sarah
Maternity portraits of Sarah in black dress
Maternity photo - Sarah in white dress
Maternity portrait of Sarah in flowy white silk
Maternity portrait with flowy white silk fabric

“Maundy showed me that maternity portraits can be an authentic expression of the growing bond between mother and child. Her gorgeous compositions celebrate my nurturing new maternal curves while also validating my independent, confident identity. I am so glad to have these photos so that I can always revisit this special time when my daughter and I were one!” –– Sarah Parrish