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Life’s Work, Part XXXIII

Ramon, Mime, London

After I agreed to take my 12-year-old son David to London, I asked him who we should ask to be photographed for this project.  We needed to find workers in their work clothes with the tools of their trade.  David decided to challenge me: “How about a mime?”  A few email inquiries led me to Ramon Ayres, a London mime, who agreed to participate.  David took the behind-the-scenes photos. 

Photographer Maundy Mitchell setting up for personal project Life's Work at Espero Studio in London.

As Malik, the Creature Performer was leaving, Ramon Ayres, the Mime arrived at the studio. It turned out that they know each other! Ramon is from Brazil and came to London in 2010 to train in corporeal mime. He went to school with Malik.

A cell phone pic of creature performer Malik Ibheis and mime Ramon Ayres at Espero Studio in London.
Malik Ibheis, Creature Performer, and Ramon Ayres, Mime

“I have felt in love with mime because it’s a technique that can change performing arts. Without verbal expression, you can unite people, go to the cornerstone of humanity.

“A quote I love is from Etienne Dercoux: ‘A mime has to move as a gymnast, think as an actor, and have a heart of a poet.'”

Ramon Ayres, Mime, London

A black and white portrait of a London mime for Maundy Mitchell's Life's Work project.
Behind the scenes cell pic of photographer Maundy Mitchell working with London mime Ramon Ayres.

Irving Penn-style portrait of a London mime.
Behind the scenes photo of Maundy Mitchell photographing London mime Ramon Ayres at Espero Studio in London.
An Irving-Penn-style portrait of London mime, Ramon Ayres.
Behind-the-scenes photo of Maundy Mitchell talking with Ramon Ayres, a London mime, before photographing him.
Black and white, Irving-Penn-style portrait of a London mime.

You can read more about Ramon at his website HERE  

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