Portrait & Headshot Photographer • Plymouth, New Hampshire

Jane and David

When artist Jane Prophet first contacted me for portraits, we talked a lot about her art and how she wanted to be photographed. I only had an inkling of her fantastic sense of style. It was at our first meeting—when we recognized each other’s shoe brands—I began to realize we would use fashion a lot in this photo shoot.
At our planning meeting, I learned more about the kinds of images Jane is drawn to. We decided on many things. We would create “non-stuffy” headshots for Jane to use on her website and in brochures when she gives talks. We would make some Vanity Fair-style portraits, and some portraits that incorporate her art.  Jane’s husband, David, would join the shoot for his own portraits, and we would do some couples shots.
On the day of the photo shoot, Jane enjoyed professional hair and makeup styling, while David had breakfast.
Jane - David - Behind the Scenes - Hair and Makeup_0001.jpgJane brought outfits that ranged from a vintage 1960s jumpsuit to a metallic top, custom-tailored for her in Hong Kong, to Vivienne Westwood dresses.  Here is a selection of the couple’s favorite photos from the day.
Jane Wearing Vintage Jumpsuit with Tea_0007.jpg Jane - in Custom Made Top from Hong Kong_0002.jpg Business Style Portrait of David_0014.jpg Jane Wearing Polka Dot Top_0008.jpg Jane Photographed Through Branches_0017.jpg Jane - in Custom Made Top from Hong Kong 2_0003.jpg Jane - in casual top white background 2_0006.jpg Portrait of David Wearing Tweed and a Scarf_0010.jpg Jane - in Custom Made Top from Hong Kong 3_0004.jpg This is a piece Jane’s art, which she created by laser-cutting the leaves and vines from an old Oxford English Dictionary.
Artist Jane Prophet with her Work_0011.jpg Jane in Gold Chair Wearing 1960s Jumpsuit_0015.jpg Black and White Portrait of David in Tweed Jacket_0018.jpg Jane in Plaid Vivienne Westwood Dress_0016.jpg Jane - in casual top white background_0005.jpg Jane wore her grandmother’s cheongsam, which she also wore when she and David married.Portrait of David and Jane Cheongsam_0009.jpg

Hair and makeup by Ashley Conn