Portraits • Headshots • Plymouth, New Hampshire

A Family Portrait Session

When you grow up in the mountains of New Hampshire, you know what the word “flatlander” means. I’ll bet that the people who live way down south in Connecticut have a special word or two for us living up here, but we’ll just put all of that aside for today’s blog post, and welcome our New England friends to the White Mountains.
We started Erin’s day with hair and makeup. We take our time doing that, with a professional stylist working in a comfortable room adjacent to the studio.  I serve coffee and treats.
Erin Hair and Makeup_0003.jpg
Erin is a photographer who specializes in on-location corporate images. She wanted her session to include personal branding photos that she can use on her website, as well as portraits together with her husband, Mike, and their German Shepard, Argos.
Erin Personal Branding Photo - White Shirt - Olive Jacket_0004.jpg
Erin in Pink_0007.jpg
Erin in White Shirt_0006.jpg
Stuidio Portraits of Erin_0008.jpg
Argos was a little camera-shy, but after a few hugs he did great!
Stuidio Portraits of Couple and Their German Shepard_0009.jpg
Portrait of Erin in Lace Top and Long Skirt_0005.jpg
Hair & makeup by Ashley Conn