Dr. Carleen Graff | Maundy Mitchell Photography
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Dr. Carleen Graff

Dr. Carleen Graff was a Professor of Music at Plymouth State University for 46 years, among many other things. So far, she has taught 1,400 class piano students, 270 performance students, and 200 young community students, as well as adult community students.

Today, Dr. Graff serves as a teaching lecturer in piano at PSU, teaches pre-college piano students in her home, and often presents in Germany (her favorite place). I was happy to work with her to update her headshots. Here are her favorites.

Hair and makeup by Melissa Hanson

Headshots of Dr. Carleen Graff

“Maundy is one fantastic artist and photographer.  I normally dislike having photos taken, so I was very cautious in the beginning about this whole experience.  However, I needed a new headshot for some wonderful upcoming opportunities. I don’t think I’ve ever had a photo for professional purposes that I’ve really liked, until Maundy’s photos. I was surprised that I actually had a difficult time choosing. I enjoyed everything about the whole experience. It was very pleasant, fun, and interesting.” – Dr. Carleen Graff