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An Author, Banker, and Beekeeper Walked into a Bar

An author, banker, and beekeeper walked into a bar…wait, no—that’s one person—Shirley! Shirley has written a book about martinis, which will be published in December. She also has a company that produces and sells all natural skin care products. Shirley wanted portraits that she could use for her book, her company website, and some just for her, to celebrate herself, her beauty, and all she has done at this stage in her life.
Portrait of Shirley in Purple Velvet Gown
Portrait of Shirley in Gray Sweater_0010.jpg
Shirley has been told she looks like Audrey Hepburn. I think so!
Portrait of Shirley in Black Dress and Hat_0006.jpg
Seated Portrait, Looking Down
Portrait of Shirley in Silk Gown with Martini_0003.jpg
Portrait of Shirley in Chocolate Silk Dress
Shirley in Velvet Dress
Portrait of Shirley in Gray Sweater_0011.jpg

Hair and makeup by Ashley Conn