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Wanda’s Transformation

When Wanda sets out to achieve something, she will do it.  A couple of years ago, when she was approaching 50, she decided she would lose 100 pounds. She did it. I asked her what it took. She said conviction that this is something she wanted and that she was worth it, perseverance – she kept her healthy lifestyle for TWO years (and is still going strong!), prayer, and the support of family and friends. This photo session was a celebration of herself and her accomplishment.

But transformation isn’t an easy path.

The night before her session, Wanda wrote on Facebook, “Tomorrow I am stepping waaayyy outside my comfort zone…I am nervous and feeling really down on myself tonight…feeling fat and unworthy…will give details after tomorrow…tonight I am asking for love and good vibes from all of you…” [posted with permission]

Professional Hair and Makeup in the Studio_0004.jpg

Speaking of transformations, here is a same day Before & After

Wanda - Before & After

Same day Before & After

Wanda - Before & After 2

After her photo session, Wanda wrote, “Today I spent the day getting professional photos done…might not seem like a big deal but it’s huge for me…was terrified to do it last night…was sure it would be a waste of time…I was shown just one photo today and I was teary-eyed. It was not edited or changed, it was just me. Thank you Maundy for an incredible experience, and thanks to Ashley for the hair and make-up…I celebrated my weight loss today in a big way…today for the first time in a very long time I felt “pretty.”
This was the photo I had shown her on the back of my camera.
Portraits of Wanda_0006.jpg
Portraits of Wanda_0005.jpg
Portraits of Wanda_0007.jpg
Portraits of Wanda_0009.jpg
Portraits of Wanda_0008.jpg
“We all deserve to have photos taken…and feel good about it….I learned that today…one day with Maundy Mitchell Photography and you will feel like a Queen.” – Wanda

Hair & Makeup by Ashley Conn