Portrait & Headshot Photographer • Plymouth, New Hampshire

Where Inspiration Comes From

Often the inspiration for my portraits comes from art books or online research. Sometimes it comes from a shared mood board. Tristan in an artist and an equestrian. This portrait came together from our mood board. He was drawn to this painting by Henri Latour called “Portrait of Leon Maitre” from 1886. I had been researching work by photographer Edward Weston for another project when I came across this mid-1800s etching of a different Edward (Payson) Weston called “The Pedestrian” (artist unknown). I like this antique style, so I added it to our mood board. I drew elements from both the painting and the etching, and we incorporated Tristan’s wonderfully stoic gaze.

Collage of three works:  Maundy Mitchell's photograph, "Portrait of Tristan in Riding Gear," a painting by Henri Latour, "Portrait of Leon Maitre," and an etching of Edward Payson Weston called "The Pedestrian"