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What is the Responsibility of Photographers Today?

What is the responsibility of photographers today?

A couple of friends have recently texted me about other photographers who are doing campaigns like my “Over 50 Revolution.” In fact, photographers around the world are now doing this.

I say AWESOME! Women over 50: this is our time to be seen!  By getting in front of the camera, we are honoring ourselves, creating heirlooms, and helping others by changing this world view that women over 50 are no longer relevant. It’s a REVOLUTION!

Too often, I talk with middle-aged and older women who do not feel good enough to exist in photos. They also don’t believe that it’s possible for them to love portraits of themselves.

We are trained, starting at a young age, that perfection is only attainable with youth and a specific body type. This is wrong. We’ve been brainwashed. Perfection is you, right now. It’s you at every age, at every weight, with every wrinkle. 

If you’re ready for this, let me create the most beautiful portraits you have ever seen of yourself. If you’d like to find out more about the Over 50 Revolution, let’s schedule a time to talk about it. Email me: maundy@maundymitchell.com. I look forward to seeing you.