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Unforgettable: the Over 50 Revolution, Part XIV – Jill

Why did you want to participate in Unforgettable: the Over 50 Revolution?

“I was asked if I wanted to do it. I don’t like having my photograph taken so said yes to the scary Photo Dragon. I have discovered that behind my fear Dragons lies buried treasure.  Maundy was a caring, gentle guide for this journey.”

What are your thoughts about women over 50?

“We are not just wombs for men, so I like using ‘womyn’ instead of ‘women’.  Fifty-plus womyn are in their full power.  They have either cast off that which kept bogging them down and they have begun to soar, or they are about ready to do so. We have gathered plenty of knowledge and ‘stuff’ and it’s time to lighten the loads and use all of our skills for ourselves and our Mother Earth – to have a strong ‘YES!’ AND a strong ‘NO!’ We can pass on power with kindness to encourage without enabling.”

Portrait of a woman with white hair and draped in a coat - part of Maundy Mitchell's "Unforgettable: the Over 50 Revolution" campaign 2022

How have you changed since you turned 50?

“I am about to become 73 years old.  My 50’s was the time of parents dying and divorce.  It was time to take the next step of owning my life. I had my profession; thus, I had my own income.  I wanted to keep my home and land and needed to become physically capable to a much greater degree.  This was a time of facing physical limitation, and strength through perseverance.

“I had my gall bladder removed (thank Goodness for the Affordable Health Care Act).  I survived breast cancer.  The last couple of years I needed and was able to get both shoulders replaced!  Quite a blessing!  I had some good friends who helped me through, and I planned and prepared to have my home support me [while I was] one-armed.

“My maternal Grandfather had one arm cut off from a railroad accident (no union, no Social Security) I thought of him often and how he learned to be one-armed.  At age 73 I am facing, at some point, being unable to care for my home and land. This is a BIG Dragon.  And I will know when I know, so for now I love my life and the magic all around me.

“The current book I am loving is Gloria Steinem’s My Life On The Road.  I highly recommend its information through a context of time and action.  One quote was from her speaking with a 98-year-old womyn who was a Ziefgeld Girl. She told Gloria, ‘You’re always the person you were when you were born–you just keep finding new ways to express it.’ That’s why I like my portraits by Maundy. They show a sensual aspect of myself not often seen.  As my good friend Darby liked to say, ‘If not now, When?’

“I found the buried treasure!  It was ME!”

What advice would you give to women who are younger than you?

“In the ’50’s, I was instructed that you first ‘got’ a man, then you could get what you wanted.  Leaving our livelihood and joy up to the man/partner is not fair to them nor to ourselves. We can learn how to fly a plane, pilot of boat, build a home, drive a truck!

Having a child, too, is a whole different ball game.  Thankfully, I was able to choose when I knew my parents and partner would not be able to support me without too high a cost to my life dreams. Thank you, Womyn’s Movement and Rights!

“I believe one step to self worth is to think of our guidance system as circular rather than linear.  To think of it as female or without gender.  Earth and the atmosphere that holds all of us, I think of as The Soup.  This for me, removed all gender and parental aspects of a loving guidance system.  We are all One all Connected.”

Portrait of Jill for Unforgettable: the Over 50 Revolution.  She has white hair over 70, wearing a black bra and skirt, draped in a black hooded coat.

What effect would you like to have on the world?

“At this point I would like to once again have peoples’ rights retained/returned.  I am proposing: One day–perhaps a Monday–all the people who have had their rights taken away take an agreed-upon day off from work. With potential for another.

“It won’t destroy the economy or the nation, but it will rock it a bit. It will be noticeable! It will affect the pocketbooks of those proposing oppressive bills.

“Workers now have the power, they are in short supply. Perhaps that is why abortion and reproductive rights are being removed. They need more worker bees.

“I have written to at least ten organizations that fight for various groups’ right. I am told that a strike organization such as The United Auto Workers Union might be a better route to pursue.  I will pursue this and if you have concerns or want to join in, please let me know.”

Hair and makeup by Donna Cotnoir

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If you are a woman over 50, “the Over 50 Revolution” is for you. It’s for everyone who loves you, and for other women of all ages, to show them that they are worthy, too. I hope you’ll join me in this revolutionary experience.

Unforgettable: the Over 50 Revolution 2022 was so popular that I will begin a new campaign for women over 50 in 2023. You can find out more HERE.