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The Father’s Day Surprise

Colette, Taylor, and Sam booked a secret mother-daughters photo session to create portraits for a Father’s Day surprise for Eric, Colette’s husband and Taylor and Sam’s father.

The planning began a few months ago with a meeting and the creation of a mood board together. Later, we decided on a couple of outfits for each person, as well as outfits to wear together. I designed their session based on their goal of having lots of images of them individually and together.

On the day of their session, it already felt to them like a celebration: they had managed to keep this a secret so far!

Hair & makeup styling by Donna Cotnoir

Here are some of the images from their collection – Colette, Taylor, and Sam’s Father’s Day surprise for Eric.

A casual studio portrait of a mother and two grown daughters
A casual studio portrait of a mother and two grown daughters
Two portraits of Colette: wearing black jumpsuit, and wearing white beaded dress
Two portraits of Sam: wearing white and wearing a hat and halter top
Two portraits of Taylor: one in a rust-colored dress and one in a gold gown
A Vanity Fair-inspired portrait of Colette, Taylor, and Sam
A Vanity Fair-inspired portrait
A portrait of mother and daughters
16x20 custom framed wall portrait of mother and daughters, part of the Father's Day Surprise for Eric
16×20 custom-framed wall portrait
Two photos of sisters, laughing
16x20 custom-framed wall portrait, part of Eric's Father's Day Surprise
16×20 custom-framed wall portrait
A mother-daughters portrait with orange tones
Black folio box with matted prints on gray velvet ottoman - part of Eric's Father's Day Surprise
11×14 heirloom folio box with matted prints

I haven’t heard yet how Eric’s surprise went, but I’d like to wish him and all fathers a wonderful Father’s Day!