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The Best Birthday Tradition

Sometimes, I can’t believe my luck that I get to be David’s mother. I might be a bit biased, but he is the greatest kid in the world. (Though what I usually say to him–when no one else is home–is that he’s probably the best kid in the whole house!) Today, he turned seventeen. We have the best birthday tradition. Each year I make portraits of him to celebrate his milestone.

For his portraits to celebrate turning 17, he described the look he wanted: a mix of serious, fun, quirky, and fashion inspired. He decided to wear his favorite waistcoat, along with the hat he bought for himself.

David looked different last year, and he will look different next year. These portraits mark this stage in his life. It’s one way we mark ours, too.

Portrait of David wearing a hat, sitting backward in a chair
Portrait of David wearing a coat by Zadig & Voltaire

Portrait of David shaking hair in front of his face
Portrait of David wearing a hat and waistcoat, laughing
Portrait of David wearing a hat and waistcoat, snapping his fingers to the music