Portrait & Headshot Photographer • Plymouth, New Hampshire

Plymouth 250 Video Montage

Plymouth celebrated its 250th anniversary last month.  More than 3000 people came to Plymouth for the celebration and events.   I enjoyed working to capture the spirit of the celebrations.

I was asked to create a slide show from my photo galleries. You would think that a five minute slide show would be long enough to show everything. The reality is that if you show each photo for two or three seconds (still too fast!), you only can only squeeze in about 100 photos.

With more than 500 photos of about twenty events and  many other moments worth capturing, I found myself missing things that are not included.  However, I think this captures what the celebration, and what Plymouth itself, is all about.

Many people worked very hard for a long time to make the Plymouth 250 happen.   As I look at this video, I realize:  Our community did no single thing much out of the ordinary for us.   We brought together many things that we do and love,  just all at once.

  • Thank you to my husband, Matt Kizer, for his help in compiling this into a video.
  • Thank you to everyone who worked so hard on everything to do with the Plymouth 250.
  • Thank you to the Town of Plymouth for actually being as wonderful a place as it appears.


There is audio with this, so please check your speakers.