Portrait & Headshot Photographer • Plymouth, New Hampshire

One Year Later

Amy, Paul and Molly returned to my studio this year for family photos.  As Amy noted, the changes from newborn to one-year-old are mind-boggling.  (Here are some of their portraits from just a year ago!  https://maundymitchell.com/a-newborn-portrait-session/)

We tend to spend our first year as parents so intensely focused on baby that we can lose our sense of individuality.  It’s a hard balance.  This year, I suggested that both Amy and Paul allow me to create individual portraits of them, in addition to portraits of Molly, and portraits of the whole family.

Hair & makeup by Melissa Hanson
Amy, before and after styling:  The portrait experience includes professional hair and makeup styling.  It’s a relaxing treat, and there is often a shift in energy–in confidence–when you feel special.