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“My first photo shoot ever”

My first photo shoot ever. Maundy made me feel comfortable and relaxed. She’s extremely knowledgeable and proficient. I love my new headshots!” – Deb

Debra Claffey is an award-winning visual artist who uses encaustic, oil, and mixed media in her work. Her paintings invite the viewer to take a closer look as they often involve multiple layers. Sometimes there is a sense of movement. Some works feel peaceful, some energetic. Deb is also a gardener and she draws inspiration for her work from the natural world.

I have been following Deb on social media for a long time. I was so happy to meet her in person and create headshots and portraits for her.

Headshot of artist Debra Claffey in her "first photo shoot ever"
Portrait of artist Debra Claffey in her "first photo shoot ever"

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