Portrait & Headshot Photographer • Plymouth, New Hampshire

Life’s Work, Part XIV

It’s always special to see my work in print.  My portraits of Jim, the mail carrier, Regina, the farmer, and Mary Francis, the minister, from my project “Life’s Work” are published in Vol. 2 of Real Small Towns.  The magazine featured a full page with portraits and an article about my project.  There are many interesting and beautifully presented articles in this magazine, including one about Plymouth State University.

Based in Wisconsin, Real Small Towns is a quarterly print magazine that highlights progressive small towns–communities that are thriving both economically and socially–throughout the United States. You can get a copy of the magazine by going to their website: http://realsmalltowns.com

You can see Parts I-XIII of Life’s Work here: https://maundymitchell.com/lifes-work/