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Images for a Theatre-maker and Feminist Writer

I could listen to Niki talk all day. It’s not just her Australian accent (which is wonderful). It’s how she talks about all the things she is passionate about. She’s a theatre-maker and feminist writer. She’s an advocate for women, and for justice. She’s a helper.

Dr. Niki Tulk is an ex-pat Australian, and experimental theatre-maker, improviser, writer, poet, and author of Performing the Wound: Practicing a Feminist Theatre of Becoming (Routledge, 2022). Her latest book is titled O. It’s a books of poems exploring the aftermath of sexual assault, unearthing myths, folklore, and profound truths about our collective history of violence, womanhood, and justice. O is due out next month by Driftwood Press. You can preorder it HERE.

Portrait of theatre-maker and feminist writer Dr. Niki Tulk, seated with a black background
Headshot of Dr. Niki Tulk with dreadlocks and a black background
Headshot of Dr. Niki Tulk, performer and writer, smiling in front of a white background
Portrait of Dr. Niki Tulk with dreadlocks, seated, arms crossed on the back of a chair, with a black background

Niki lives with her family and rescue dog in the White Mountains, New Hampshire, where she is also a professor of theatre at Plymouth State University.