Portrait & Headshot Photographer • Plymouth, New Hampshire

Family Portraits for Cindy and Dave

Cindy and I met when she took my photo!  I was attending a local fundraiser and she was standing nearby when I had asked if she would mind taking a quick cell photo of me and my friends.  Afterward, we chatted a bit.  Turns out, she loves photography–and crocheting (not the old-fashioned kind, but the super-creative, funky kind), and so many other things.  She has a great blog, http://northeastmama.com.

A few weeks later, I got to meet Cindy’s husband, Dave, when he came to the studio for updated headshots.  After his session, he told Cindy they should do a family portrait session. They could get individual and family portraits, and Cindy could use some of them for her blog.

Cindy admitted that she was a bit nervous when she arrived at the studio. She had never had professional portraits. To her surprise, it was fun, and the kids did great.  After their Print Reveal Session, she said, “Sometimes you have to take a deep breath and step outside your comfort zone.  Other times, you need to be pushed.  Thank you, Maundy, for the amazing photos and life-changing experience.”