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Extraordinary: the Over 50 Revolution – Taunya

Taunya wanted to participate in Extraordinary: the Over 50 Revolution because she experienced the great losses of her mother and aunt, both of whom died young, and she spent her 40’s fearing she would die early. As 50 neared, she made the decision to live life to the fullest and to celebrate growing older. She felt that this portrait experience was a way to honor herself, her mother, and sister, and to encourage other women embrace themselves. She said, “Age is a gift that not everyone receives.”

Behind the scenes - Taunya wearing a red dress for the Over 50 Revolution. Hair and makeup by Donna Cotnoir
Behind the scenes – hair and makeup by Donna Cotnoir

When asked her thoughts on women over 50, she said, “We’ve done some shit and we’ve thrived! One of my good friends is the director of crisis team, another owns her own private practice, a third is a CEO.  We are strong, we are determined and focused.  It is amazing to see some of my people break the glass ceiling that we, as young girls, were told wouldn’t happen… I wear every stretch mark, every wrinkle, every flabby arm and roll as a badge of honor, as we all should.”

Portrait of Taunya wearing a black dress with sheer scarf for the Over 50 Revolution

Since entering her 50s, Taunya has continued to evolve.  “I think the biggest change has been that I’ve started to relax more… I’m more open to experiences, [better able] to ‘stop and smell the roses.’  I have embraced my uniqueness and love doing things to have fun.  There may even be some evidence of me in a Unicorn costume somewhere!  I’ve realized that life is just too short, so I’m going to buy the tickets, eat the cake, and enjoy the shoes.”

Headshot of Taunya wearing a red dress for Extraordinary: the Over 50 Revolution

Growing up, Taunya’s two top women role models were her mother and grandmother. “My mother was a uniquely amazing woman.  She was a single mother in the ’70’s when it wasn’t common.  She worked her way into a prominent position in the computer industry as it was emerging.  When she left work during my teen years, she opened a business with my step-father.  Beyond those amazing feats, she would drop everything to spend time with me.  She would hold neighborhood craft classes in our kitchen, she would jump in the car at a moments notice for an adventure.” 

Casual portrait of Taunya for Extraordinary: the Over 50 Revolution

Taunya’s grandmother also influenced her greatly.  “She was a woman who married young, had five children, and raised them while my grandfather worked two jobs to keep them afloat.  She was a wonderful support after my mom died and would drop everything to have a cup of coffee and a loving chat.  We had many adventures whether it was digging for genealogy around New England or grabbing lobster rolls at the beach.” 

Two black and white portraits: Taunya and Kurt, and Kurt sitting at a table
Taunya’s husband, Kurt, joined her for some of the portraits

The advice Taunya would give to women who are younger than her: “Learn early to feel comfortable in your own skin.  Love yourself, love who you are, and who you become as you grow older.  Too many of us focus on what we need to change rather than embracing all the wonders of who we are.”

Portrait of Taunya wearing a red dress for Extraordinary: the Over 50 Revolution

Her hope is that she can be “like the pebble dropped in a pond, causing ripples that spread. I hope that I can impact one person in a positive way through my work as well as in my personal life, and that this will result small changes throughout.  I hope to spread joy, laughter and positivity!” 

Portrait of Taunya wearing a black dress and looking over her shoulder for the Over 50 Revolution

“I was so excited to be a part of the Over 50 Revolution. While I was both nervous and excited, Maundy’s warmth and reassurance made the photography process go swimmingly… I can’t thank her enough for such an empowering experience!” – Taunya

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