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Extraordinary: the Over 50 Revolution – Deb

Deb wanted to participate in the Extraordinary: the Over 50 Revolution because her life changed significantly in her fifties. As she was seeking help to make the changes for herself and her son, she found that women over fifty are often discounted, put aside, “just lost through the cracks.”

Deb - Before and After: Behind the scenes - hair and makeup by Dianne Sitar, and a portrait of Deb for the Over 50 Revolution
Hair & makeup by Dianne Sitar

She said, “I think it is SO important for people to know how much we have to share with the world and each other, all the wisdom we have gathered along the many roads of our lives.” She believes women over 50 could make the world a much better place if we weren’t undervalued by society.

Portrait of Deb wearing a green gown for her session for Extraordinary: the Over 50 Revolution

“Women over 50 are beautiful, each in our own way. We have learned the value and the cost of love and of what matters and what is and is not important in our lives. Most of us are warriors who have survived much in our fifty years and over.”

Portrait of Deb wearing a 60s-inspired outfit for the Over 50 Revolution

“All that I believed in changed in my 50’s. I had been married since I was 18, with my husband since I was 16. In my 50s, I began a new life. I learned to drive and got my license. That gave me a freedom that I had never known. I went to work outside of my home and learned independence. I traveled enough to learn that I want to see more of the world. I learned to love who I am and to feel happiness again. I even found that I could love again with no bitterness or anger. My fifties were the happiest years I have known.”

Portrait of Deb wearing a lace top and jeans for the Over 50 Revolution portrait experience

Deb said her childhood was not a happy one, but doesn’t carry anger because of it. As for women role models, she thought of one immediately. Deb was in her teens when she met a women who was only in her twenties. “Her name was Katie Gray and I met her at the local youth center where I spent a great deal of time. She devoted her time to all of us young people, she listened and really heard us. She laughed and smiled with us. She helped us when we needed it, no judgement. She tried to teach us to be good people and to be responsible for our actions. I am thankful that this question made me remember her and her gentle kindness. I think she would have been proud of the woman I have become.”

Portrait of Deb seated, wearing black for the Over 50 Revolution at Maundy Mitchell Photography

When asked what advice she would give to younger women, Deb said, “If I were to tell them anything it would be NEVER compare yourself to anyone else. You are unique, you have your own gifts to give this world and your own magic inside. I would say to always keep a good heart and never let anyone change that or take it away from you.”

Two portraits of Deb for her photo session for Extraordinary: the Over 50 Revolution

“What effect would I like to have on this world? I would like to continue to give love, to always do my best to be thoughtful of others, to give kindness where I can and to be remembered for the beautiful heart and soul I was blessed with in this life.”

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