Portrait & Headshot Photographer • Plymouth, New Hampshire

Everyday Life is the Occasion

People often think of hiring a professional photographer for occasions like anniversaries, family reunions, or birthday parties. Aaron and Tara wanted a photo session not to celebrate a milestone, but simply to capture the precious moments of everyday life—a relaxed session at their home for their son, Leo, their 12-year-old dog, Max, and their family.
black and white portrait of five-year-old boy
Boy climbing stone wall
boy climbing stone wall 2
boy climbing stone wall 3
black and white portrait of boy
black and white photo of boy climbing stone wall
mother and son playing
father and young son
elderly dog
black and white portraits of a couple
young boy
Behind the scenes: Tara put on this elephant mask to make Leo laugh.
mother wearing elephant mask
laughing boy
family dog
father and son
dog kissing woman
couples' photo
family portraitfamily portrait with dog
portrait of young boy