Portraits • Headshots • Plymouth, New Hampshire

A Revolutionary Act

The Portrait Experience on the Path to Self-Love

Loving yourself is a revolutionary act.  It’s a conscious choice to pick the hard but necessary thing time and time again. I’m still learning how to do this. It’s awkward and messy but I’m working at it. After 35 years on this earth, I’m starting to trust that I’m more than my body parts. I’m more than my body. Slowly, I’m learning to accept myself at every stage, through the calm and easy chapters and through the incredibly difficult ones. 

I’m thankful to have met Maundy Mitchell. I’m grateful she was willing to capture me during what I imagine will be a very memorable time in my life. When I first met Maundy, I told her I wanted to celebrate my three-decade love affair with dance and mostly I wanted to have something my daughter could keep forever and say, ‘That’s my mom.‘ 

Maundy’s artistry blows me away. I’m so thankful to have met this talented and gentle soul. Her creative process was so inspiring and working with her was a true collaboration. What a gift. This experience was truly a highlight of 2020.” – Ashley

Black and white portrait of dancer in fabric with pointe shoes
Two portraits of a dancer in a black flowy dress
Black and white portrait of dancer in sheer fabric

Hair & makeup by Donna Cotnoir

Custom framing by Meredith Frame Shop