Portrait & Headshot Photographer • Plymouth, New Hampshire

A Couple’s Photo Session

Stephanie & Dick

Stephanie and Dick have been married 54 years, and that is a good reason to celebrate. Yet this photo shoot wasn’t just a celebration of a long marriage. Stephanie knew she would enjoy the portrait experience, from planning her wardrobe to professional hair and makeup styling, to being directed into the most flattering body language for her portraits. Dick knew it would be fun because he had come to the studio earlier in the summer for new headshots. Mostly, the couple wanted portraits of themselves for their children and grandchildren. They chose a beautiful heirloom folio collection and a custom framed portrait for their wall.

The portrait experience at Maundy Mitchell Photography starts with professional hair and makeup styling.
Hair and makeup by Melissa Hanson
Black and white formal portraits of a couple in Plymouth, NH
Women's Vanity Fair inspired portraits - Stephanie in beaded gown, Stephanie in black dress
Women's casual portraits in jeans and t-shirt
studio portraits of a couple
Women's studio portraits in black dress on dark background

I never thought about having portraits done until I spent time with Maundy’s work. I loved the detail, the homages to other artists, the beauty of youth and age portrayed tenderly, the humor and sheer artistry in her portraits. Watching her work was enlightening, too, as she put the subject at ease and engaged them to create photos that let the person shine through. Still, it is daunting when you are the subject!  But the entire experience was a delight.  Both my husband and I felt relaxed and engaged. In the end, seeing ourselves in so many poses gives us a glimpse into what others may see when they look at us. Our kids will have a wonderful portfolio of ‘us,’ thanks to Maundy. We felt privileged to work with such a consummate artist and are grateful for the results. We highly recommend her to anyone looking for truly exquisite portraits.” – Stephanie