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The Tree Skirt

Some of my clients bring their own dresses or gowns to their portrait sessions, and some rent couture gowns from places like renttherunway.com. For this styled shoot, I made this “Tree Skirt” from found materials. The silk top and plaid belt (actually a scarf) are from a wonderful second-hand shop in Plymouth, NH, called Off the Hanger. I harvested the evergreen branches from the woods around my home.
Christmas Styled Shoot © 2015 Maundy Mitchell_0005.jpg
Stylist Ashley Conn did Erica’s hair and makeup. We decided on light, natural makeup and a Victorian-inspired hairstyle.
Christmas Styled Shoot © 2015 Maundy Mitchell_0007.jpg
I built the skirt over the weekend, before the shoot. The saplings were free, of course, and the denim skirt cost $2.00 at a local thrift store.
Here are some behind-the-scenes cell phone pics, including my very helpful Basset Hound, Milly.
Because the denim skirt had a tie in the front, I decided I would use that to tie the skirt onto Erica–this would be easier than asking her to step into it. I cut it up the middle of the front in order to lay it flat. I then put a row of large, strong safety pins along the top. From there, I began to wire branches to the skirt and then made rows underneath–like reverse shingling. I put my training in floristry to good use–there is a lot of wiring in floristry!
Christmas Styled Shoot © 2015 Maundy Mitchell_0012.jpg
My assistant, Margie, decorated the skirt just before we put it on Erica. It was heavy!
Christmas Styled Shoot © 2015 Maundy Mitchell_0008.jpg
Now that the skirt was on Erica, we could see where we needed to fill in spaces with extra branches.
Christmas Styled Shoot (C) Maundy Mitchell
For a green “haze” I experimented with holding branches in front of the lens.
Christmas Styled Shoot © 2015 Maundy Mitchell_0010.jpg
Here, I placed a texture over the image to add to the antique look.
Christmas Styled Shoot © 2015 Maundy Mitchell_0009.jpg
Hair & makeup: Ashley Conn – Stylist
Top & scarf/belt: J. Crew / Off the Hanger
Assistant: Margie Salvatore
Photography: Maundy Mitchell