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The Right Words

Knowing something isn’t quite right, and knowing what that something is, are two separate things.

Here’s a secret: I am terrible at writing about myself. This is especially maddening because, in addition to my photography training, I also have a degree in writing and literature. I generally think of myself as a decisive, get-it-done person. But I’ve been scowling at my website for months now, trying to formulate what it needed to better reflect my own artistic voice.

Sometimes the smart thing to do is to reach out to the right person. I have been following another photographer whose portraits and writing speak to me. Her name is Michelle Gardella. Michelle helped me isolate what matters most to me as an artist, and presented those things to me in a very beautiful way.

Drawing on her aid, and a little help from my webmaster, I have gently rebranded my website and my services.

Please visit the site, and see what Maundy Mitchell Photography is all about: https://maundymitchell.com/about/

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