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The Over 50 Revolution: Rebecca

Rebecca lives near Burlington, Vermont. She heard about The Over 50 Revolution and said, “I was really drawn to the idea behind this project and in celebrating women in what I think is truly the prime of our lives, 50 and beyond. I specifically wanted to do something entirely for myself and celebrate my form as it is today and also relate back to what I’m spending my days doing, working with flowers and being around beautiful people and things.”

Hair and makeup by Donna Cotnoir

We planned for Rebecca’s Over 50 Revolution session using a mood board. On the day of her portrait session, she said she didn’t feel nervous about being photographed, rather she felt “curiosity about how it would unfold and the final [portraits]. I was amazed at how quickly it all came together… I appreciated how responsive and authentically excited Maundy got during the inspiration phase of this project where I could share other photos and images which spoke to me. I feel like she was ‘all in’ on trying to bring some of that look to the final creative expression. One of my majors in college was Art History and I feel like the richness of some of that Dutch art was captured well in the final images. At the same time, other images which she captured speak to different sides of my personality.”

Portrait of Rebecca with roses for The Over 50 Revolution

“Maundy is a consummate pro with a high attention to detail and made me feel very comfortable and special during the photo shoot day. I found myself feeling free to voice my own insecurities about my body and in return a kind word was offered back which was greatly appreciated. It’s hard to be so vulnerable, but I enjoyed the process of positioning my body, playing with the wardrobe, furniture and props, and learning how to [position my head] even when it felt strange. Trust in the process!”

Three photos of Rebecca wearing a black jumpsuit with floral sleeves for The Over 50 Revolution

We talked about how society and the media view women over 50. Rebecca said, “I actually think it’s getting better. Or at least, the places I look for information and pay attention to seem to be more celebratory versus dismissive. One of my favorite social media influencers is an Australian model who is all about age inclusivity and also has the most gorgeous silver hair! I love how she uses her platform to speak words of wisdom. Another woman I follow is a quirky 50+ lawyer from the UK who has been sharing her life this past year since her marriage ended, and we have all been here for it. I’m constantly amazed at how many women there are out there doing interesting things with their lives and making a difference. I hope we can continue to be on a positive trajectory to combat ageism and find peace with our bodies.”

A headshot of Rebecca with a light background
During her portrait session, Rebecca also updated her headshots.
A headshot of Rebecca with a black background

Rebecca said that for the most part, she’s enjoying her 50’s. “I feel like things are crystallizing. More than
two years ago, I stopped dying my hair and have loved the transformation as it continues to morph. I get a lot of compliments from total strangers about my hair, which I find both flattering and funny. After being a consultant and working remotely for nearly 17 years for a large corporation, at age 51, I went back to work in a traditional environment on a college campus, a setting where I had started my career. While everyone was fleeing the office during the pandemic, I went back to one. It was a big and welcome change for me and I enjoyed it, especially working in-person with a team of people again. I was the first person in this role in a
newly formed division and it was challenging but exciting.”

Her job was eliminated last year, but Rebecca saw it as a gift to “pause and just be.” 2024 has been fabulous as my ‘career break’ has enabled me to be even more present with my high school-aged boys, travel, and to pursue my love of flowers through an ‘adult internship’ at a local floral wholesaler in Vermont. I even had the good fortune to go to Flower School in London to learn foundational techniques related to flower arranging. ‘With age comes wisdom,’ isn’t that part of the quote? Being almost 54 means all of the twists and turns of the past few years have been tempered with other life experience and I really try not to let the turkeys get me down. I just don’t have time for negativity. I want to do all the things.”

Three photos of Rebecca, wearing a black and white dress with floral top

When asked about women role models growing up, Rebecca said first talked about her mother. “I love that she has always done her own thing and showcased that to me and my siblings. I can say she’s the only Mom I know in my growing up circle who was an antiques dealer by profession. It was unique and she
taught us to appreciate beautiful and hand made things. I still appreciate these things.

“I also remember being interested in public life and politics growing up and attending a lecture with my Dad to hear Geraldine Ferraro, the first woman to run for Vice President. It was so inspiring and I was very impressed. Later, I thought of her as I interned at the Senate for Daniel Patrick Moynihan in DC and appreciated her commitment to public service. After college, I interned at the national headquarters of my sorority in Columbus, Ohio, and worked on a special project dedicated to women’s suffrage and again my sphere of women’s role models grew.

Black and white portrait of Rebecca

“My sorority was one of the first two to be founded and because there were no organizational models for women, it was founded as a Fraternity! One of my first big projects at Johnson & Johnson was managing the creation of an interactive women’s health exhibit at a Smithsonian-affiliated new museum in Dallas, TX called “The Women’s Museum” (sadly, now closed). During that year-long project, I came to know many women who through their honest accounting of their health stories became role models to me. I’m always finding role models in the women around me or through connections with my work. We can all learn from each other.”

The advice Rebecca would give to women who are younger than her is this: “Honestly, don’t sweat the small stuff. Play the long game. Anything which seems totally insurmountable, really isn’t. You can do it! Cultivate and curate your relationships. I cherish my 50+-year old friendships and these are my dear people who share history with me. They would be there for me and have been when it mattered. Do the things you want to, don’t wait. Don’t let anyone steal your joy. Have fun!”

Portrait of Rebecca for The Over 50 Revolution portrait campaign. She is wearing a red dress and a black sheer scarf, and turned away from the camera, looking over her shoulder.

Celebrate Who You Are

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