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The Over 50 Revolution: Joann

Joann gave a special birthday gift to herself for her 73rd birthday: a portrait session for The Over 50 Revolution. I’m so glad she did! As this empowering project enters its third year, I’m still passionate about showing the strength and beauty of older women to them, and to the world.

For years, I’ve listened to women over the age of 50 tell me that they are no longer “photogenic.” Because of their age, they no longer feel worthy to exist in a beautiful portrait. As a woman in her fifties, I feel this, too. We have been conditioned by the media and society to feel that we are no longer worthy of being seen. But this couldn’t be further from the truth: we are at our most powerful, knowledgeable, and beautiful NOW. Sometimes, we just need to be shown.

Behind the scenes - professional hair and makeup styling by Donna Cotnoir for Joann's portrait session for The Over 50 Revolution
Hair & makeup by Donna Cotnoir

Joann said she has always noticed older women. “When I was growing up, I always took notice of the older women around me. They seemed to go about their lives strong and sure of themselves. They held themselves without apologies of their aging bodies. What was their secret?”

A portrait of Joann, leaning on a table, from her photo session for The Over 50 Revolution at Maundy Mitchell Photography

She said she knows they have amazing stories to tell. She sees “the light in their eyes, the roadmaps in their skin, their changing hair color, and the way their body language communicates a quiet wisdom.”

If a younger woman were to ask for her advice, she said she would make it simple. “Try to walk your path with ease and grace as much as you can. Make the best of who and what you are. Never compare yourself with others. Reach up and reach out for support because there are many women traveling this wild journey just as you are. Try as you might, no one really knows how the end game will turn out. Take small steps in the direction of your dreams and keep the door open for miracles and blessings. You are special, amazing and beautiful.”

A portrait of Joann, in front of a black background, from her photo session for The Over 50 Revolution at Maundy Mitchell Photography

Let’s celebrate YOUR life and beauty!

It’s time for you to exist in beautiful portraits. If you are a woman over the age of fifty, The Over 50 Revolution is for you. I hope you’ll join me in this luxurious and empowering experience. Book a portrait session for The Over 50 Revolution. You can learn more HERE