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Susan’s Transformation

A year ago, Susan called herself obese.  Her weight affected her in many ways, not the least of which was her own feeling of self-worth.  So she set out on a journey to improve her overall health.  Her goal was to improve each area: physical, emotional and spiritual wellness.

Susan created what she calls her “personal Board of Directors.”  This was her team of people who provided friendship, support, guidance and expertise.  They included a nutritionist, a functional medicine doctor, and an exercise coach, among others.  These were the people who believed in her even when she could not believe in herself.

After one year of hard work, Susan has lost 103 pounds.  Her health, strength, and self-love have returned.   And through it all the most important person was her husband, Tom.  Susan said, “Through the years, he has seen me in every size and shape, and he has always loved me.”  The couple is about to celebrate their 40thanniversary.

To celebrate Susan’s transformation and the couples’ anniversary, they booked a portrait session.

Hair & makeup by Melissa Hanson

After professional hair and makeup styling, we updated Susan’s professional headshots.

Modern headshot for an HR executive
Personal branding photos of Susan in a blue suit
Personal branding photos of Susan
Fun, casual portraits of Susan
Susan wearing 1950s lace dress, Tom wearing a hat and jeans
Individual portraits of Tom wearing a hat, and a behind-the-scenes photo of Susan straightening Tom's hat.
Three portraits: Susan and Tom together, Susan in orange shoes, and Susan wearing Tom's hat.
Black and white casual portraits of the couple
Black and white casual portraits of Susan and Tom together
Black and white portraits.  Tom wearing a hat and Susan wearing a vintage 1950s lace dress.
The styling room at Maundy Mitchell Photography, set up for Susan and Tom's Print Reveal session
Heirloom linen folio box with Susan and Tom's matted prints

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