Portraits • Headshots • Plymouth, New Hampshire

Stillness and Movement

This is Amanda. Among the many things that she does, she is a professional dancer. For her shoot, we used movement—implied movement, actual movement, and potential movement.

Portrait of a Dancer with Tattoos © 2015 Maundy Mitchell_0003.jpg
Portrait Behind a Blue Scarf © 2015 Maundy Mitchell_0002.jpg
Headshot in Beige © 2015 Maundy Mitchell_0005.jpg
Headshot in Beige © 2015 Maundy Mitchell_0006.jpg
Funny Face Headshot © 2015 Maundy Mitchell_0007.jpg
Dancer in Street Clothes © 2015 Maundy Mitchell_0020.jpg
Dancer with Black Fabric © 2015 Maundy Mitchell_0024.jpg
Triple Exposure © 2015 Maundy Mitchell_0025.jpg
Dancer with Christmas Lights © 2015 Maundy Mitchell_0026.jpg
Dancer in Yellow Dress © 2015 Maundy Mitchell_0011.jpg
Dancer in Yellow Dress © 2015 Maundy Mitchell_0015.jpg

In order to diffuse the light and use the window as an architectural element, I had to climb a ladder a few times. It was such a strangely warm day in November, hornets were out. This is me, trying not to get stung!

Behind the Scenes © 2015 Maundy Mitchell_0031

Folio Box (C) Maundy Mitchell

Amanda chose a beautiful collection of matted prints in an 11×14 folio box in black linen.

Matted Prints (C) Maundy Mitchell

Hair & Makeup: Ashley Conn
Assistant: Margie Salvatore