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Portraits for Hanna and Howard

Hanna talks to everyone.   She has the most charming Hungarian accent possible.   She has a PhD in Chemistry.   She has lived all over the world.   She is a chocolatier whose creations are the best you’ll ever taste.  She is also starting a new blog called Lips Wide Shut, where she offers “dating coaching.”  Hanna asked me to create portraits for her blog.  The mood board we created included several photos of the white-haired model Carmen Dell’Orefice who is in her 80s.  She asked her husband, Howard to join her toward the end of her photo session.  We created portraits of Howard, and some couples’ portraits, too.  Here are some of their favorites.

“Maundy made my age 70 celebrated to the highest level of joy and quality.  She reached into my heart, and drew out my truest feelings.  Thank you Maundy! Everyone should go and have the experience and the photos are proof: people are beautiful, as Maundy says.”

Hair & makeup by Melissa Hanson